Genuine Czech Glass Nail File Set – Two-Sided Different Grit Surface, Callus Remover Foot Rasp, Precision Filing Cuticle Pusher, Manicure & Pedicure, Professional Nail Care, EU Quality (Green Aqua)

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Genuine Czech Glass Nail File Set – Two-Sided Different Grit Surface, Callus Remover Foot Rasp, Precision Filing Cuticle Pusher, Manicure & Pedicure, Professional Nail Care, EU Quality (Green Aqua)
Genuine Czech Glass Nail File Set – Two-Sided Different Grit Surface, Callus Remover Foot Rasp, Precision Filing Cuticle Pusher, Manicure & Pedicure, Professional Nail Care, EU Quality (Green Aqua)



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Product Description

Salon-Quality Manicure & Pedicure at HimeSalon-Quality Manicure & Pedicure at Hime

Designed in cooperation with professional nail studios.

Going to beauty salons is no longer necessary! Why? Because you now have a far better choice when it comes to taking care of your nails and feet – doing it yourself from the convenience of your home! Not many beauty salons offer that. But with the help of the right tools, we encourage you to give it a try!

Here at Gladzy, we design and create professional-quality glass files. Our files are made in the Czech Republic from genuine Bohemian crystal glass of the finest quality.

Medium Nail File (Different Grit)

Small Nail File

Multi-functional Nail File & Shiner

Cuticle Pusher

Foot File (Different Grit)

Cotton Towel

Enjoy Each Step With Gladzy Foot Files

Foot Files that WorkFoot Files that Work

Prevent CracksPrevent Cracks

Make Your Feet Smooth & SilkyMake Your Feet Smooth & Silky

Say Goodbye to Calluses

If you have ever encountered a callus problem, you should try Gladzy foot files.

Chemically etched surface of our products consists of microscopic peaks of the same height, which evenly remove excess epidermis without damaging or scratching. These peaks do not wear out and retain their sharpness, which ensure long-term and even service. Just rinse it and it’s ready to go again!You can also treat any irritating irregularities and roughness on your feet, hands, elbows and knees, as well as quickly file off excess length of nails.

Don’t Harm Your Feet Anymore

The key reason that causes cracks in the intensive use of rough nail tools on the feet. This creates micro and macro scratches on the skin that develop into cracks.Gladzy foot files exfoliate dead skin reliably but gently, layer by layer, without injuring or traumatizing healthy skin. This slows down the formation of new caluses and keeps your feet soft for a longer time.

TIPS. To remove hard calluses, we recommend using the coarse side of the file after soaking your nails in the warm water or taking a shower. For better result, repeat the process for several days. Avoid removing all hard calluses on the first try.

Reinvigorate & Polish Skin

Because of the unique dual-surface of our nail files, the treatment is carried out evenly and without damage and your skin on the feet will remain soft and smooth.Gladzy foot files possess polishing and smoothing properties and remove various protrusions and burrs from the skin, which so annoyingly cling to socks and blankets.

TIPS. Use the fine side of the file for softening and polishing. After you are done, finish treatment with your favorite cream.

By using the Gladzy file you will get addicted to the smooth skin of Your Feet!

Easy to Use Manicure Stick

Must Have Cuticle ToolMust Have Cuticle Tool

Pointed EndPointed End

Beveled EndBeveled End

Good Health of Your Cuticle

The delicate surface makes it easy, smooth and, most importantly, safe to care for the cuticles without harming the nails. Allow yourself to enjoy professional-grade manicure and pedicure at no extra cost.Unlike orange tree and rubber manicure sticks, it does not wear out or dull. Compared to steel cuticle cutters and abrasive drills, the Glass Cuticle Stick works delicately, which slows down the growth of the cuticle.

Pointed End

The pointed end is specially designed to polish and exfoliate cuticle. Its slightly rounded top prevents injury during a manicure. It also allows filing hard-to-reach places around the nail edge.The low tapered end is especially elaborated to increase the surface for cuticle polishing.

Beveled End

The sharpened edge allows you to safely push back & trim off the cuticle’s excess. It also allows scraping dirt from underneath the nail.The beveled surface is designed to be smooth so as to not damage the nail.

TIPS. For best results, soak nails first in warm water. You can also treat cuticles with a few drops of oil, lotion, or cuticle remover. Works well on hands and feet.

Gladzy Glass Nail Files

2 Different Grit2 Different Grit

Precise Nails ShapePrecise Nails Shape

Enjoy Your Nails HealthEnjoy Your Nails Health

Pocket Size Handy Sharp-Pointed Glass Nail FilePocket Size Handy Sharp-Pointed Glass Nail File

Unique Glass Nail File With Coars and Fine Surfaces

Unique different grit etched surfaces help to file nails quicker and safer.Gladzy nail files work very well on both hard and soft nails.

TIPS. Avoid cutting your nails as this can cause your nails to peel. For the best results, please follow these steps: 1) Reduce your nail size using the rough side of our versatile nail file, and 2) Shape your nails with its fine side.

Fast and Precise Filing

The filing surface of the Gladzy nail files is exceptionally fine and does not tear nails like the emery or metal files.It seals the keratin layers together at the edge of the nail, leaving your nails incredibly smooth. This means that your manicure will last longer.

Prevent nail splitting & chipping

Nails consist of a protective fibrous protein called keratin which is also seen in skin and hair. As a protective barrier, keratin makes nails stronger. However, cheap nail files can cause thin layers of your nails to peel.Specifically designed etched surface of Gladzy nail files will help you to grow and maintain long, healthy, and beautiful nails.

Take anywhere

The fourth item of the Gladzy set is a small nail file with two-sided fine grit surface, which is convenient to always carry with you.Its compact size allows you to place it even in a credit card holder, and its long, sharp tip allows you to clean under nails and precisely file nails.

Glass Nail File Manicure Set Versus Pumice, orangewood sticks, metall sapphire nail fileGlass Nail File Manicure Set Versus Pumice, orangewood sticks, metall sapphire nail file

EU Quality CzechEU Quality Czech EU Quality

The Czech Republic is internationally known for the invention of glass nail files and respected for its efficiency in producing high-quality crystal products.As for the Czech Bohemian glass, it is a centuries-old traditional form of glassmaking, recognized worldwide for its excellent craftsmanship and beauty

All Tools You Need in One Set

We’ve developed for you a unique set of manicure and pedicure tools that will replace many of the items you have previously used.

Does not rust. Does not dull. No need for any supplies or spare parts. Non-porous, wear-resistant and does not peel off. The surface is a monolithic part of the whole file, since it was created in the process of chemical etching of solid glass. Does not damage the skin. Suitable for diabetics. Slow down the growth of calluses and skin cracking. Give a try and see for yourself!



Safe & HygienicSafe & Hygienic

Chemickally Etched Glass Vs Glued Abrasive SurfaceChemickally Etched Glass Vs Glued Abrasive Surface

Long-Lasting and Enduring

Crystal glass files really can last a lifetime if properly handled with reasonable care. The textured grit is ultra-fine and permanently etched in the glass. The file’s abrasive quality will never wear out because it is integrated into the glass. The finish is guaranteed against wear to last you a lifetime.

Zero Waste

Each year an entire football stadium could be filled up with used worn-out emery boards, metal files, orangewood sticks and pumice stones that are tossed into the landfills! Our files are recyclable. The glass surface is permanent and can last for years unless you break them.

Sanitize and Sterilize

Since glass is nonporous, it does not support bacteria growth and is very hygienic. Glass files are great to use in a professional environment as they provide excellent performance and are very easy to sanitize and sterilize (with disinfecting liquids, UV lighting, or heat).

After long-term use, nail particles may become embedded in the file’s grit. Return the file to a like-new condition by wetting it, coating it with a household cleaner, and scrubbing it with an old toothbrush.

Why Do Gladzy Glass Manicure Sticks Work So Well?

The abrasive surface of our nail files and pushers is created through etching. This process grinds the nail surface softly and smoothly – which is not the case with emery and metal files. Finally, we polish and temper the edges for even better durability and protection of your nails.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.48 x 2.24 x 1.69 inches; 7.2 Ounces
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Gladzy
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B081582TR8

GOOD HEALTH OF YOUR NAILS – Won’t chip, tear or split nails. Gentle surface allows your nail care to be easy, smooth and most importantly safe, without damaging your nails. Better than emery boards and paper nail files. Professional manicure and pedicure without extra costs.
TAKE IT ANYWHERE – Use it when and where you want. Use it in a bath or in a chair, at home or while travelling. No batteries or spares – just wash it, dry with a towel and use it again. Protective sleeve sheaths for each nail file included, easy to store or bring with you on the go.
PREMIUM QUALITY – Crystal glass nail files kit is double sided and made of premium quality Czech crystal glass. The grit board is permanently chemically etched (acid engraving) on both sides of the glass, so it will not degrade over time and will a lifetime.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Effective filing surface allows for precision shaping. Each file comes with a lifetime guarantee which covers the filing surface. All glass nail files we sell are chemically hardened which greatly increases their mechanical resistance.


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